Croatia: 7.4billion EUR energy projects on EU wish list

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All of the important energy projects are nominated for the Investment Plan for Europe.By supporting Investment Plan for Europe, which was presented by Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, Croatia submitted its projects, the majority from transport infrastructure, energy and environmental protection.

Among the projects are the projects eligible for co-financing from the EU funds, including the list of major projects in the OP “Competitiveness and Cohesion” for the 2014th -2020th . In the next three the value of the investment projects from Croatian Juncker list years amounts 7.47 billion EUR. Total of 31 projects is from the area of transport infrastructure with a total estimated value of the investment of 6.98 billion EUR, while by the investments value leads the energy with 8.73 billion EUR through 21 projects.

15 projects worth a total of 3.94 billion EUR refers to the environmental protection and resource efficiency, seven projects worth 1.50 billion EUR are from the fields of knowledge, innovation and the digital economy, a three-valued 369.40 MEUR from health and social infrastructure tourism. In the projects list practically are all energy projects of this and former government, and these are projects of HEP, Plinacro and FZOEU. These are LNG terminal, project Zagreb on the Sava River, the revitalization of HPP Senj, HPP Dubrovnik 2, HPP Molve 1 and 2, HES Kosinj / Senj, TPP Plomin C, TPP Rijeka, Osijek MHS, programs of energy buildings renovation which are leaded by FZOEU, Plinacro gas interconnection and pipeline IAP.