Croatia: 800MW new TPP Ploce will be constructed and managed by an international investment fund

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Croatia is able to relieve itself from the dependence of 30 percent of its energy imports if new TPP Ploce is constructed, the ​​’prefeasibility’ study has been made, showing that the construction of TPP in the port of Ploce was profitable and fitted into the energy system of Croatia. 800MW TPP will be financed and managed by an investment fund.

It is estimated that the entire project of construction of the port area would cost about 1.2 billion euros, whereas the constructors from Croatia could get about 40 percent of the value of work that is 480 million euros, particularly in the building sector, but also in mechanical engineering installation, said independent consultant and advisor in the project of construction of the port of Ploce, Damir Begovic, the former director of HEP.

The investor could be one of the major power utilities and some large investment fund from abroad, he said.

So far, the ​​’prefeasibility’ study has been made, showing that the construction of TPP in the port of Ploce was profitable and fitted into the energy system of Croatia, Begovic stated.

“What follows is the preparation of environmental impact studies in order to inform the public about all aspects of the construction of power plants and issuing of all necessary permits. All these activities could be completed by the end of 2015” , Begovic said.

According to the announcements that have been made so far, it is planned that the TPP Ploce has a capacity of 800 megawatts (MW), which is 300 MW more than the new block in TPP Plomin has, as well as Plomin C, which would have a capacity of 500 MW.

Tomislav Corak from Brodosplit said that the company was ready to be engaged on the construction and installation of an iron structure of the Port of Ploce.

“We are willing to expand our business beyond the shipbuilding industry, we see ourselves as manufacturers of premises and equipment for the wind power plants,” Corak said.

Marko Nuic from the company “Adriasol” has criticized the Government for the lack of concern for the development of renewable energy.

“In the last two years, the state treated the renewable energy sources as stepmother, especially towards solar energy. Slovenia has ten times bigger number of the installed photovoltaic power plants, and we know that it has less sun than Croatia and twice less the population,” Nuic stressed.

Head of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (CBRD) for Dalmatia Mrs. Mira Krnjeta pointed out that the bank had money for crediting energy-efficient projects.

“We dispose the funds for building a new hotel by the principle of energy efficiency or for the renewal of the existing works on ‘green’ facades. It is the European Union loan or the grant intended for energy sustainability,” Mira Krnjeta added.

She explained that in such cases CBRD financed up to 75 percent of the estimated value of the investment for a period of 17 years with a grace period to four years and interest rates, two, four, or six percent, depending on the status of the end user.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk