Croatia adopted adjustments and ammendments for Electricity Market Law

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Croatia adjusts its energy law with EU laws in this energy area which includes adjustment with third package of energy rules. According to that, full harmonization with EU energy laws will be accomplished with electricity market law, gas market law, adopted energy laws (120/12), as well as law for energy activities regulation (NN120/12).

Having on mind the fact that Croatia is in EU accession progress and it has to transport all directives from Energy Directive so Europe can open common energy market which will start working in 2014, legal frame of energy sector is area which has to adjust to EU energy laws in short terms. It mustn’t come to stoppage of energy adjustments to EU Directives so it goes to adaption of the law on an expedited basis.

Basic questions i.e. innovations which will be regulated by this law are classification of energy activities to those which represent public service what includes universal service of energy supply like civilization’s heritage available to everyone, and classification of market activities. The Law insures safe and quality energy supply in Republic of Croatia, development of electricity market, price competitiveness and the biggest attention is given to buyers’ protection, successful production and use of energy, and environmental protection at the same time.

Law ensures to the operators of energy transmission and distribution to be independent of each other so other participants who do market activities such as suppliers, producers, traders, buyers, etc. can approach to their infrastructure on transparent and non-discriminatory way.

Energy regulative agency observes and gives certificates for reconstruction of vertically integrated society with suggesting and choosing a model in accordance with the Law and third EU package.

Certain legal institutions and proposed low solutions represent significant innovations in order, organization and functioning of electricity sector from buyers, competent institutions and energy subject’s position.

Public discussion and consultations with all relevant persons were done because of the proposal. Almost all opinions of state persons and relevant subjects were received before sending the proposal. Many of them were adopted because they represent simplification and improvement of Law’s text.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine