Croatia: Approval for TERNA & Montenegro underwater power cable still pending?

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Recently, the topic of the construction of the submarine power cable that will connect Montenegro and Italy is becoming more prevalent in the public. However, it was announced that the construction on the Italian side could soon begin, the problem is still Croatia which still has not given an approval  for passage, even after more than six months of approval submission.

“As far as the Italian are concerned, we know the problem of Terna on providing the passage through Croatian territorial waters, but they assure us that the situation is under control, in the sense that they will in time provide a gateway to their part of the project which could be completed in time. It was the official information that we received from the Terna, even they told us that there is an alternative route in case of not being able to pass through the Croatian territorial waters,”said chairman of the Board of Directors of the Montenegrin Electric Transmission System Mr.Dragan Laketić for radio” Antena M”.

Laketic said that Croatia had been reserved from the very start, when the Italian Terna made ​​contact with them. Although according to Laketic’s words they had nothing against the construction of the cable; the Croats are concerned about their interests in the seabed.

“The Croats are planning oil and gas exploration and probably that research is likely to have a conflict with the transmission line of the route. They would first have to  define the point of drilling in its seabed, in case not it coincides with the point of drilling cable route, “Laketic added.

Laketic says that work on the Montenegrin side is progressing as planned. Yesterday a tender was published for a contractor for the transmission line Čevo -Pljevlja. Let’s recall that the Ministry of Sustainable Development issued CGES building permit for construction of substation in LASTVA Grbaljska.

“Some of the activities on the side in LASTVA Grbaljska have already started, these are preparatory activities. This is the building permit for the preparatory works. The winning bidder is in the process of signing contracts with its subcontractor about the definition of conditions and the beginning of construction. The subcontractor is a construction company from Montenegro. We hope it will be soon, let’s say within the next month, “says Laketić.

To recall, in November 2010 representatives of Terna, CGES and the Montenegrin Government’s agreement about establishing the submarine interconnection between Italy and Montenegro was signed.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk