Croatia: Austrian Conex Invest’s SPP construction starts soon

, SEE Energy News

The construction of solar power plant will begin soon at the site stretching over 65 hectares of land in the industrial zone in the municipality of Martinska Ves in Sisak-Moslavina county. The plant will have installed capacity of 68.4 MW, will consist of 207,300 solar panels with estimated annual generation of 77 GWh of electricity. The cost of the project is 60.7 million euros, without VAT.

Martinska Ves solar power plant is the first project of this type in the county, and this investment should bring the local government between 0.5 and 0.8 million euros, while it is calculated that the estimated annual income of the plant is 5 million euros. The lifespan of the power plant is about 30 years, with production falling in the first ten years by 10 %, and in the next 15 years by another 15 %.

The project’s investor is local company Photo Volt, which is backed by Austrian Conex Invest, while it will be partially financed through the European funds. It is expected that the plant should be built and commissioned within two years.


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