Croatia-Bosnia: Ecologists are against the TPP “Ploce” construction at the mouth of the Neretva River – Fear for the “Hutovo blato” Nature Park

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Ecologists in the valley of the Neretva River opposed the initiative for the construction of thermal power plant “Ploce” at the mouth of the Neretva. As they say, the construction of coal- fired power plant would mean pollution and great danger for the whole south Herzegovina, including Hutovo mud Nature Park.
The initiative of the company “Luka Ploce energija” to build a coal-fired power plant in Ploce alarmed the ecologically associations in the valley of the Neretva. Such a project would jeopardize the biggest treasure of that region – air, tourism and agriculture. Especially would be endangered the unique nature park and bird reserve of “Hutovo blato”, said Zdenka Jelcic, president of the Association of the Friends of the Nature Swamps from Capljina.

-The Nature Park would be impossible to protect, not to speak of the Neretva valley, on the numerous orchards next to her, about her beautiful delta, which is continually threatened by something – she adds.
Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism has not received an official letter of intention to build a thermal power plant in Ploce, but they say that it is an exceptionally sensitive ecological area. Tomislav Lukic, head of the Office of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism in BiH, points out that there is an important nature park – Hutovo Blato in this area and it must be taken care of its high ecological sensitivity.
From the company “Luka Ploce energija” say that the project still is in the testing phase
-Currently we do the necessary studies in order to make the final decision whether to start the project implementation and how. We are still at the stage of testing the possibility of building power plant- says Josip Jurcevic , director of the company ” Luka Ploce energy”.

While Europe turns to clean wind energy and solar power plants, ecologists in the Neretva valley must dread over the priceless flora and fauna due to the plans to build a thermal power plant in Ploce, which could cause irreversible damage to the ecosystem of the entire southern Herzegovina.