Croatia: Country’s economy dominated by the energy sector

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Croatian national oil company INA generated the highest revenues (2.86 billion euros) among Croatian companies in 2019, while state-owned power utility HEP generated the highest profit of 146 million euros, according to a preliminary analysis of Croatian economy in 2019 by the Fina financial agency.

The preliminary analysis shows that last year enterprises generated nearly 105 billion euros in consolidated revenues, up 7.9 % compared to 2018, while expenditures reached nearly 100 billion euros, up 8.1 %. Net profits totaled 3.96 billion euros and were 1.9 % higher than in 2018.

Export revenues were generated by 18,991 companies, totaling 16.5 billion euros, up 6.2 % from 2018, while imports totaled 16.1 billion euros. The trade deficit in 2019 was 425 million euros.