Croatia: Croatian energy company HEP will not give up from HPP Ombla

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“HEP won’t quit construction of HPP Ombla, but it depends on government if this is going to be realized”, Vice President of Croatian Electric Power Utility, Zlatko Koracevic, said on commemorating the end of the first phase of HPP Zakucac reconstruction.

HEP launched activities for making the additional studies of environment influence and equal activity was initiated by EBRD that had approved 123 million dollars worth credit for realization of this project in 2011.

“We’ll have all information in 20 days and then we’ll present it to the Government and to the public. The decision if Ombla is RH’s interest follows afterwards. If it is so, HEP has knowledge, cadres and it is ready to take responsibilities for leadership of this project”, Koracevic said.

Koracevic said that many projects have been launched and never continued when he heard Mihael Zmajlovic’s statement about orienteering to other energy projects.

“It is completely normal that all big projects search for consensus in the public. It is a fact that non project was accepted and understood in the public”, Chairman of HEP noticed.

He reminds on unacceptable Plomin 3 project and says that HEP is ready to take over leadership of the projects that turn out to be major interest of Croatia.

Source Serbia Energy/Seebiz