Croatia Crodux company develops 570MW gas thermal power plant

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While the Croatian public is occupied by dilemmas regarding HEP’s thermal power plant project Plomin 3, the largest power project in the state develops in Slavonski Brod. Crodux company, owned by retired general Ivan Cermak, is working on the construction of gas thermal power plant with 570 megawatts of power. If Cermak fulfills his plan, it will be the strongest power plant in the state, generating even more electricity than the “infamous” Plomin 3.

The value of the project is estimated at some 500 million Euros, including the construction of industrial plant for the production of ethanol from corn, and maybe heat production for the residents of Slavonski Brod. All in all, this is perhaps the largest private investment project currently in Croatia, if completed the most advanced gas power plant east of Germany will be located in Brod.

In Crodux they have decided to build the plant by using technology from the German company Siemens, and practically a copy of the German Ulrich Hartmann power plant is supposed to be built in Slavonski Brod. We are talking about the block 4 of the plant located in the Bavarian town Irsching, a few kilometers from Ingolstadt. And that power is officially the most efficient gas power plants in the world, achieving an efficiency of 60.75 percent. Simply put, on earth there is no power plant that can that could produces more electricity from the same amount of gas while emissions of harmful compounds into the air, noise and other types of environmental impacts are minimized.

The reason for this is the use of technology of combined gas cycle. It is a process in which natural gas is used to drive the gas turbine that produces electricity, and waste gases in very high temperatures are then used to produce steam, which powers a steam turbine – which in turn produces electricity. It is a relatively old technology, but Siemens significantly improved the details and achieved the highest ever efficiency. Hrvoje Cermak, Director of Crodux, said the selection of the best technology in the world proves how serious the investor and the project are.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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