Croatia: CROPEX DAM power exchange low traded volumes

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Croatian electricity exchange CROPEX is moving on with the day-ahead electricity market, so on the first day in Croatia on Wednesday a total of 476 MW hours was traded and 385 MWH on Thursday.

According to data from the CROPEX web page on Wednesday the average price was 23.43 euro per MWh and on Thursday the average price was 28.22 euro per MWH

COPEX and Nord Pool the leading European electricity exchange initiated the day-ahead electricity markets in Croatia on Wednesday, February 10, when it was operationally included as a part of EU Multi Regional Coupling

The start up of day-ahead market came after the testing during January this year. It is a result of the Agreement from 2015 according to which Nord Pool is providing a service to CROPEX including the implementation and handling of the system for trading in the Croatian day-ahead electricity market.

Regarding the successful initiation of the Croatian day-ahead electricity market the director of CROPEX Silvio Brkić stresses that “it represents a historic date for the development of electricity market in Croatia providing for the first time the wholesale price of electricity in a transparent, liberalized and competitive trading environment for the benefit of the Croatian market participants as well as participants from EU and Energy Community countries.”

“This achievement obliges us to keep on investing further efforts to complete the initiated activities regarding the complete integration of the Croatian electricity market into a unified day-ahead and intraday electricity market, in the period of four years.

In the second half of January CROPEX announced that on February 10, the first auction will be held in the CROPEX day-ahead electricity market and they also announced in cooperation with Nord Pool that they plan to initiate the Croatian intraday electricity market this year in order to provide additional possibilities of trading and benefits for its members.

The Croatian electricity exchange was established in May 2014 by the Croatian Transmission Operator HOPS and Croatian Energy Market Operator HROTE in order to organize trading for a physical delivery of electricity in the area of Croatia and connecting with other electricity exchanges, transmits