Croatia: CROPEX power exchange could support regional integration but in due time

, SEE Energy News

SEE region power exchange platforms, SPOT platforms, are created in Croatia CROPEX and Serbia SEEPEX. Bulgarian IBEX is also up and running. CROPEX eyes the neighboring small markets, which are to small to have their own platforms like in Bosnia and Montenegro.

Director of Croatia power exchange CROPEX Mr.Silvio Brkic estimates that the foundation of regional electricity market is not feasibile, at least not in this phase while all countries of South East Europe are pushing the development or creation of their national power exchanges.

Despite the messages from EU and existing interests from power traders, regional integration of small markets and creation of one regional power exchange is not real in short term.

All countries and existing power exchange platforms need to evaluate existing EU trading models and reach a d decision in their own best interest. Any imposing of one of existing EU models could create counter effect and decrease the interest for creation of national exchanges.

After the development of national markets and national power exchanges, based on the experience with trading and market development, the countries would then be able to follow the next step which is the regional integration and foundation of one regional power exchange, transmits

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