Croatia: Disruptions in electricity supply due to an earthquake

, SEE Energy News

Devastating earthquake caused numerous breakdowns in the electricity network and electricity production facilities, and that consumers in the area of Petrinja and Velika Gorica are without supply, while parts of Sisak and Zagreb are also without electricity, said Croatian state-owned power utility HEP.

The utility said that all available teams are in the field trying to establish supply as soon as possible. HEP is asking citizens not to turn on large appliances in apartments and houses for their own safety, and for the power to be switched on successfully. They also call on citizens not to use electricity in their demolished and damaged buildings for their own safety.

At the time of the earthquake, the thermal power plant in Sisak was not in operation, but the inspection of the plant revealed damage, which will be removed before the restart of operation. Cogeneration power plant in Zagreb also fell out of operation, which disrupted the supply of thermal energy to consumers in the western part of the city. Normalization is expected by the end of the day or tomorrow.

A strong, 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Petrinja, some 40 kilometers south of the capital Zagreb on 29 December.