Croatia: Dividend distribution at Professio Energia

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Croatian renewable energy company Professio Energia is the first Croatian renewable energy company publicly traded on the Zagreb Stock Exchange. Professio Energia said that it plans to distribute dividend in the amount of 1.9 euros per share from last year’s profit.

The company’s shareholders will vote on this proposal at the general meeting scheduled for 30 July. Professio Energia will distribute 1.23 million euros as dividend from 1.98 million euros net profit, while the remaining sum will be allocated to retained earnings. Out of the planned 1.9 euros/share dividend, the company already distributed 0.53 euros/share in March as interim dividend.

Last October, a total of 661,696 shares has been listed with the nominal value of 13.5 euros each. Professio Energia is founded in 2005 with the aim of developing renewable energy projects. Currently, the company has stakes in several project companies which developed and realized project for the construction of wind farms in Croatia. Its main goals are further development of projects and investment in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, in accordance with the relevant regulations and the main strategic and development documents adopted on the national and the EU level.