Croatia: Electricity production & imports-exports stats 2015

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According to the short term markers in the energy statistics, a five month long negative stream was interrupted in October so 5,9 percent more of electric power was produced compared to October last year, which is partially a result of above the average rainfall compared to the average rainfall in October last year.

In the same time in the past six months there is a trend of increase of the import of electric power and in October 30 percent more electric power was imported (which complies with the average growth rate in the observed period) compared to October last year.

At the cumulative level there is a decrease of production and increase in the import, that is in the first ten months this year the production of electric power was decreased for 12,8 percent and import was increased for 20,4 percent compared to the same period last year. The decrease in the production of electric power is the result of the decrease of the production of electric power from the hydro power plants (62 percent share) where there was a drop of 22,7 percent. On the other hand thermal power plants (29 percent share) had a 4,2 percent growth while wind farms and other renewable sources recorded had growth of 36,4 percent. Fast growth dynamics in the electric power production from the wind farms and other renewable sources (and slight growth in the total production) is in compliance with the “Europa 2020”strategy with the goal to produce 20 percent of energy from the renewable sources.

In the past few years, the trend of the movements of production, export and import of electric energy is oscillating around the same level. But the tendencies of the movements of unrefined oil production and oil import in the same period are less favorable, considering that this production in 2014 is 30 percent smaller than in 2009 while oil import with almost constant fall in 2014 is 46 percent smaller than in 2009, transmits

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