Croatia Energy company HEP: new power generation capacities Plomin C and Ombia in the first quarter of 2013

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The realization of TE Plomin C and HE Omblebegins in the first quarter of 2013, no matter what, confirmed ZlatkoKoracevic HEP’s first man, during presentation of Direction Work Plan program for 2012-2016.

Building of power plant Sisak will begin until the end of next year. These three projects’ value is 7, 25 billion HRK. Plomin amounts 6 billion and Ombla 1, 12 billion. Koracevic announced that will invest 25, 3 billion HRK in 13 new energy plants which are 9, 2 terawatt strongduring his four-year term HEP. The eight of them should be launched during 2014. Additional 2, 1 billion HRK’s investment in revitalization of existing HEP facilities, was also announced. This should be 155 MW additional strength profit. 3 billion HRK investments planned for this year are accomplished in amount of 70%, says HEP.

HEP intends to close financial construction with 12 billion HRK of its own resources, and the rest of it should be financed using credits and strategy partners. Croatia should become self-sufficient by 2017 with these planned investments.

We should mention that HEP imports 4-6 terawatt-hours of electricity yearly, and spends 250 million Euros. Although HEP group had 350 million HRK’s loss in the first semester, Koracevic announced that financial result will be positive at the end of the year. He didn’t want to introduce us with concrete numbers. HEP is planning to save 2, 23 billion HRK. Part of that should be accomplished with production optimization and the rest with employee number increase for 3000; 350 persons will be redundancy while most of redundant people from HEP will leave company because age or disability retirements. Employment of minimum 500 new experts is planned before 2016. HEP wants to increase income per employee, current 1015 HRK to 1464 HRK in 2016.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine