Croatia: Environnment NGOs claim TPP Plomin C is expensive and not feasible project

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The project Thermal Power Plant Plomin C is poorly prepared and planned which may have catastrophic economic effects, but the same type of effects on environment protection, said Mirela Holy, parliament representative and ORaH president, at the round table “Plomin C – referendum yes / no” in Pula.

The round table was organized by ORaH and the Association for green theory, strategy, policy and action, and it was discussed the plan of building Thermal power plant Plomin C on coal and about the construction consequences of such an energy facility for Croatia and Istria.

Holy pointed out that the most controversial part of this project relates to a substantial increase in particulate emissions, which have a very negative impact on human health.

“The position of our party is well known because we think that we should not build thermal power plant on coal regarding that Croatia does not dispose with coal as a fuel, but we have to import it”, said Holy.

She reiterated that the project TPP Plomin C was not only questionable in terms of environmental protection but was “meaningless in economic terms”.

Although HEP is in negotiations with potential private partners or investors for a long time, an agreement has not come yet, and in her opinion, “an agreement will not be conclude because the investor wants the secured investment return”.

“According to the European rules of the electricity market liberalization, it is not possible to conclude preferential agreements with the manufacturer so it will not be possible to enter into a contract for a guaranteed electricity purchase from TPP Plomin C at a price of 70 EUR per megawatt, which is very uncompetitive price considering that at this point the megawatt price is 40 euros”, said Holy.

The mayor of Labin Tulio Demetlika recalled that the Istria County had used all available legal means to prevent the use of coal as a fuel in a thermal power plant Plomin.

“The commitment of Istria County on building TPP Plomin C is clear from the very beginning, considering that the county spatial plan defines gas as a fuel for the thermal power plant”, said Demetlika.

Stressing that the TPP Plomin has already done a lot of harm to human health in Labin, an independent councilor in the town of Labin Mladen Bastijanic said that the project TPP Plomin C on coal violated European rules and that it was unacceptable in the 21st century.

“It is dirty politics to offer the advisory referendum to the citizens and not the truth, because we believe that in this case there is an interface between policy, HEP and local strongmen”, he concluded.