Croatia exclusive: Power utility holding HEP invests 208, 86 MEUR in the rehabilitation of hydropower plants

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Chairman of the HEP Board, Tomislav Seric stated that Croatia Power utility holding HEP in defining investment priorities would choose a strategy of risk diversification and trends monitoring in investment decisions. He assessed that focus on energy mix was still a good scenario, since in the hydro potential as a renewable energy sources, HEP had more than half of the capacity. He announced the HEP’s investment in other renewable sources noting that HEP project of  hydropower plants revitalization, with investments of 208, 86 MEUR, was insufficiently known in the public. This is a project that significantly employs Croatian industry.

At the HEP Conference it was agreed that representation of small hydro power plants progressed slowly, mainly because the relatively large investments, long-term project preparation and strict environmental requirements were necessary. In fact, they are mostly located in the ecological network of Natura 2000, and there are no investors also because of outdated and unreliable registry location. These renewable sources are among the safest investments because they guarantee long-term profits, but also one of the least utilized energy resources in Croatia, because currently there is a total of 20 MW on the network of the planned 100 MW from Strategy.

Drzislav Sikic from HEP Production informed the participants of the Conference that 23 HEP’s production units were in the category of small hydropower plants, most of which were built on the site of large hydropower plants, as well as generators which used water at biological minimum.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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