Croatia exclusive: Samsung, Daewoo and Marubeni in the race for construction of new TPP Plomin C unit

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After two years of arduous talks and negotiations, Croatian power utility company HEP received three obligatory offers for the construction of the third block of the TPP Plomin.

It was a great success for us because it is a very complicated and demanding procedure – it finds out the “Jutarnji list” from The Directorate of Croatian Electric Power Industry (HEP) two days after it was announced that for the TPP Plomin C arrived three binding offers.

HEP does not want to reveal the names of the bidders because the providers themselves do not know who is their competition, but also because of the rules of the contest. However, it is speculated that the bids are submitted by three consortia – South Korea’s Daewoo and its partners, South Korea’s Samsung and Italian Edison and Japanese Marubeni with French Alstom, as well.

Recently, the offers from Samsung and Marubeni for Plomin, Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak has announced as well.

Regardless of which consortium will finally sign a contract with, this will be the largest Far East investment in Croatia in its history. In fact, it is estimated that the investment in Plomin C will be amounted between 800 million and one billion euros.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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