Croatia: Expansion of LNG terminal to be completed in 2025

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Expanded LNG terminal in Omisalj, Croatia, with capacity increased to 6.1 billion cubic meters per year, will most likely be operational in the spring of 2025, according to Ivan Fugas, Operations Director at LNG Hrvatska, the operator of liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the island of Krk. He said that the project’s cost will slightly exceed the initially planned 25 million euros due to price inflation, but will not go over 30 million euros.

Public tenders for allocating the new capacity should start in 2024, Fugas added. Currently, the terminal’s capacity (2.9 billion cubic meters) has been fully booked until 2037.

Last August, Croatian Government has approved the investment of 180 million euros in the expansion of LNG terminal on the island of Krk and the construction of Zlobin-Bosiljevo gas pipeline.

The capacity of the LNG terminal will be increased from 2.9 to 6.1 billion cubic meters of gas per year, while the construction of a new pipeline will strengthen the security of gas supply within the country. Of the allocated 180 million euros, 25 million will be used for upgrading the capacities of the Krk LNG terminal, while the rest will be used for the construction of the gas pipeline and the expansion of the distribution network.

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