Croatia: First volumes of gas from LNG terminal obtained by MFGK

, SEE Energy News

The Krk terminal’s commercial operation finally launched on 1 January with the docking of the tanker Tristar Ruby, which delivered 155 thousand cubic meters of liquefied gas for the Hungarian gas trading company MFGK, a member of the MVM Group. Hungarian MVM Group said that the purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) through the Krk terminal will provide the company with direct access to new resources and clients and entry into the wider Croatian gas market.

This shipment is a part of an agreement, by which MFGK reserved a total of 6.75 billion cubic meters of capacities and supply contracts for a period of almost seven years back in June 2020, which started on 1 January 2021. By supplying through the Krk terminal, MVM group is directly entering the wider Croatian gas market through the Croatian subsidiary of MFGK, in accordance with the strategy of expanding business in the region, which includes Croatia, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, as well as Serbia and Romania.

The Krk terminal and the procurement contracts concluded by MFGK will provide neighboring Hungary with real gas supply and the diversification of supply routes as well as provide direct access to natural gas sources and market players that haven’t been made available to on the Hungarian market or indeed on regional markets to date.