Croatia: Fortenova Group’s biogas power plants ownership

, SEE Energy News

A.N.P. Energija is the sole owner of Energija Gradec, a company that owns and operates five biogas power plants in Slavonia and Central Croatia with combined installed capacity of 9.8 MW, which use biomass from agricultural companies of the Fortenova Group to produce electricity from biogas.

Fortenova Group agreed to acquire a 26 % stake in Croatian company A.N.P. Energija, owned by an open-ended alternative venture capital investment fund Prosperus FGS, by which the Group obtained the controlling package in the company.

The Group’s CFO James Pearson said that this move represents a further step in the strategy of the Fortenova Group, which is based on the sale of non-core activities and focuses on the core business groups of retail, food and agriculture. With its consolidated stake in these biogas power plants, the Group not only invests directly in financial improvements, but continues to develop a more environmentally sustainable agricultural production model for the future.