Croatia: Gas market competitors and future trends

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New players at the Croatian gas market hope that alongside the industry sector they would be able to supply the households as well. The use of natural gas will continue to grow in the global energy sector every year for 2 percent and so on until 2020.

This energy source which is marked the cleanest is applicable both in industrial purposes and households while development of the natural gas market in Croatia will depend mostly on supply lines, that is the newly built infrastructure, whose construction was in accordance with the Projects of Common Interest (PCI) of the European Union.

That will be hard to achieve before 2017. With the liberalization of the Croatian market, new players entered the gas game but in the next three years all local gas distributors will have to buy gas for households at regulated prices, lower than the market value.

The biggest new competitors to HEP are the companies GEN-I, RWE Energy and MET Croatia Energy Trade., which obtained licenses for gas supplying from Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA) but they will hardly begin supplying the households with gas before 2017. Although their plans are long term. For now they can only count on supplying the gas to industrial consumers. MET stood out by leasing large capacities in the gas storage Okoli and RWE which started supplying the Croatian market with electric power two years ago today has more than 100 thousand consumers and they hold 8 percent of the share in the electric power market. They entered gas supply this year only in the category of industrial consumers. RWE is satisfied with the growth achieved so today they have around a thousand small and bigger companies that they supply gas to, transmits