Croatia: Gas market liberalization, status and actors

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Unlike the electricity market, which has only recently been liberalized, the natural gas market was formally opened in 2008. But there is no tariff consumer or household that has changed supplier. Judging by the aforesaid on the panel “Cheaper gas is coming. Who survives, will tell … ” households will wait a few more years for alternative gas suppliers.

“We are not ready to enter the market of households since it will require a lot more logistics and investment in gas storage and the like. Whoever enters this segment must be very ready to meet challenges”, said Paul Vujnovac, director of the First Plinarsko society in the debate where also participated Natasa Vujec, director of Crodux gas, Mladen Cavic, Deputy Chairman of the Board Plinacra, Ivana Ivancic , Director of Sales at Underground Gas Storage and Davorka Tancer, director of natural gas. According to Tancer, there is concern that in the case of market opening, price of gas for households will be greater because households are the most demanding consumers. “In the near future, I don’t  see a big opening for the households, although it depends on the legislation” said Tancer. However, Natasha Vujec says that in Crodux gas they are interested in entering the market to supply households, but only time will tell when.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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