Croatia: Gas pipeline construction for the future LNG terminal – according to plan

, SEE Energy News

The future LNG terminal on the Adriatic island Krk will have a capacity of 2.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year and it should be commissioned in 2021. The statement from the company said that construction works, which started in mid-December, are being conducted along the entire gas pipeline route of 17.5 kilometers. Croatian natural gas transmission system operator Plinacro said that the construction of an evacuation pipeline Omisalj-Zlobin for the future LNG terminal is going according to plan despite the pandemic and its should be completed by the end of the year.

So far, almost the entire trench of the pipeline has been dug and some 7.4 kilometers of pipelines have been installed, while works on the two gas junctions are also in progress. After the completion of the construction of the first compressor station in Croatian gas transmission system in Velika Ludina, this is the second largest project of Plinacro’s third investment cycle launched in 2018. The project was supported by the European Commission and received a grant of over 16 million euros for the costs of construction.

The future LNG terminal will deliver gas to Croatian national transmission gas network, as well as to neighboring countries: Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro. The completion of gas interconnection with Bosnia and Herzegovina will also enable gas exports to this country.