Croatia: Gas platform sunk in the Adriatic

, SEE Energy News

Unmanned gas platform Ivana D, was located at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea. This was confirmed by Croatian oil company INA which operated the platform with whom the company lost all contact on Saturday, 5 December.

Due to the strong wind and big waves in the northern Adriatic Sea, in the afternoon on Saturday there was a of communication and navigation systems and, soon after, visual contact with the unmanned gas exploitation offshore facility Ivana D. INA said that it is a monopod unmanned satellite facility that produces natural gas. Prior to these events, the emergency shutdown system was automatically activated and the gas wells were brought to a safe condition by closing the safety valves, while the pressure in the pipeline remained stable. The event did not have a detrimental impact on the environment. In accordance with regulations and legal obligations, INA informed all competent authorities about the event in a timely manner. Due to the extremely bad weather during the next few days, and due to the situation, the production process at the associated exploitation offshore facilities will be monitored with greater attention, and additional measures will be taken if necessary.