Croatia: Gas price drop, lowest in EU

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According to the data published by Eurostat, Croatia is among the EU countries that have had a significant drop in prices of electricity and gas in 2015.

Electricity prices for households in Croatia are 1.5 % lower than a year before, and households pay 13.1 euros per 100 kWh, similar as in Romania (13.2 euros), Estonia and Czech Republic (12.9 euros) and Malta (12.7 euros). The largest drop in electricity prices was recorded in Cyprus, where prices fell by 22 % compared to the previous year.

Regarding gas prices, they were 3.8 % lower than in 2014, just as in Slovenia, while the EU prices fell by 1.7 % on average and amounted to 7.1 euros per 100 kWh. Households in Croatia paid 4.6 euros for the same amount of gas, transmits