Croatia: Gazprom is interested in INA oil company takeover from MOL

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Russian gas giant and one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, Gazprom is interested in takeover of the Croatian oil company INA.

According to the information Croatian medias received from high sources in Budapest, it is this interest that was one of the main topics at the meeting of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and head of the Gazprom Alexei Miller, held in the capital of Hungary.

According to these so far unofficial information, Miller arrived in Budapest for a meeting with Orban, and although the formal reason for the meeting was a great construction project – South Stream pipeline, and they discussed the possibility that a Russian company buys stake in INA from the Hungarian MOL .

– Miller came to provide support from Orban if MOL decides to withdraw from the INA. The Hungarian government is the largest single shareholder in MOL and its support would undoubtedly be a precondition for such transaction, and there is also the political dimension of the case. Certainly, MOL has not yet made ​​a decision on the sale, but if it came to it, it seems that Gazprom was the most serious candidate for takeover – said our source, actually very close to the top of Hungarian politics.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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