Croatia: GE, Alstom, Siemens and Gretel bidders for CHP Osijek new project up to 500 MW

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General Electric, Alstom, Siemens and Gretel have submitted bids for the tender for the design, procurement and construction of gas cogeneration in Osijek.

The bids were opened last week, but HEP did not want to give us information about the bidders referring to the Public Procurement Act which states that the procedure of bids examination is secret until the client makes decision.

Cogeneration should have a capacity of 400 to 500 MW of electricity and 160 MW of thermal energy, and it also includes long-term maintenance contract for single axle gas-steam turbo generator with auxiliary equipment. Estimated value of the purchase was 364 MEUR excluding VAT. A study on the power plant implementation into Croatian electricity system was designed during the preparation for the project, and its results remain unknown to the public. The power plant construction was mentioned in the context of the dismissal of former president of HEP Management from Osijek Tomislav Seric who did not look favorably upon the project implementation to which Minister Vrdoljak is very prone. “A profession is currently very cautious about the installation of this type for many reasons – the electricity price is currently low, the gas price is high, and there is a potential increase in the risk of gas supply. I believe that the Minister of Economy, as an engineer and expert, would not be for project whose economic benefits could be misleading”, Seric said in an interview for Globus last year, before being dismissed.

Contract with the future bidder will be on “the turnkey” principle, and includes designing, licenses obtaining, equipment supply, construction, installation of equipment with making all connections to the existing plant and infrastructure, start-up and commissioning as well as the entire underground and above ground infrastructure of these plant. Furthermore, it is needed the work optimization with proving the agreed parameters of the gas combined cogeneration power plant with thermal station and battery heat and infrastructure with power plant, maintenance training, warranty support for the power plant as well as long-term maintenance after the warranty has expired. EPC model includes other systems of power plant KKE Osijek 500, 400 kV of switchyard and other support infrastructure on which depends the functionality of the KKE Osijek 500. The location permit shall be the obligation of HEP. , transmits