Croatia: GEN-I to continue to supply electricity to Croatian Post

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GEN-I Zagreb, a Croatian subsidiary of the Slovenian energy company GEN-I, is on the right way to achieving its business plan for this year, according to which, a sale of 405.8 million kWh of electricity on the Croatian market is planned, out of which some 150 million kWh is supplied to small businesses and households.

Over the past two months, GEN-I Zagreb was selected ast the best bidder in two tenders, including the tender for the supply of electricity to Dubrovnik Airport and Croatian Post. The cooperation between GEN-I Zagreb and Dubrovnik Airport will begin on 1 December, during which the company will supply 6.74 million kWh of electricity worth about 370,000 euros. The company also continues a two-year cooperation with the Croatian Post and during next year it will deliver over 20 million kWh of electricity in a deal worth 1.09 million euros.

Director of Sales at GEN-I Group Dejan Paravan said that the signing of a contract with Dubrovnik Airport and the continuation of cooperation with the Croatian Post confirms the position of GEN-I Zagreb as an important supplier of large customers which ensures innovative products, superior quality of service and competitive prices.

With the revenues of 1.8 billion euros in 2015, GEN-I is placed fourth on the list of top 50 companies in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it was placed at 90th position on this year’s list of the largest companies in Central Europe, jumping from last year’s 137th position. This jump is a result of increased trading volumes and increased natural gas sales.