Croatia: Geothermal explorations permits issued

, SEE Energy News

Permits for the exploration of geothermal waters for energy purposes for four exploration areas in the area of Slavonia, Podravina and Mediimurje were issued by Croatian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

The permit for exploration of geothermal waters for energy purposes in the exploration area Legrad-1 was obtained by Geo Power Energy Development, ENSOLX received two exploration permits at the exploration areas Ernestinovo and Merhatovec, while the permit for exploration of geothermal waters in the exploration area Lunjkovec-Kutnjak was obtained by the company Buko Termal, owned by Varazdin County and the Municipality of Mali Bukovec. The value of exploratory works on these projects is estimated at almost 20 million euros.

Last month, Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency (AZU) said that it has received a total of nine bids from seven different bidders at all four blocks in the Drava valley in northeastern Croatia, offered at the tender for the exploration of geothermal water for energy purposes. The four blocks – Ernestinovo, Lunjkovec-Kutnjak, Legrad-1 and Merhatovec, cover a total area of 207 square kilometers. The water temperature at these locations exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, which is the minimum required for electricity generation. The combined potential of the deposits is around 50 MW of electricity. The statement from AZU said that the potential of exploration areas has been identified in earlier wells drilled for oil and gas exploration and production, which now greatly reduces the risk and costs to future investors. In addition to electricity, geothermal energy has great potential in district heating, where future investors, in cooperation with the local community, have the opportunity to cascade production – from electricity, district heating to agriculture where geothermal water is used to heat greenhouses.