Croatia: Gov supports power utility HEP acquisitions in the region of South East Europe

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Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak stated that he is expecting regional expansion of state owned power utility company HEP.

“Personally, I am happy because of every investment in Croatia, and somehow I especially look forward to see that the Croatian entrepreneurs, Croatian companies managed to buy in regional markets. I think that this is our future and there is no reason that Croatia is not a regional leader”, said Vrdoljak responding to questions from reporters on the sidelines of a conference on the companies’ operations in the state portfolio.

“We will look forward for many acquisitions of Croatian companies in the region because I think this is the future of Croatia, and it is ultimately expected in the energy sector “, said Vrdoljak.

He explained that HEP was interested in the purchase of markets and production capacity in the region.

“The sooner the better, because this battle is lost in just a few years. If you are not quick, decisive, do not make a decision, you passed the train, and then you think that partner should come to save your life. And we cannot do it, we must not repeat the INA story in HEP ​​”, said Vrdoljak, adding that Croatia is already predisposed to be compound of Balkans with Central and Western Europe.

Minister of Agriculture Jakovina said that Podravka was one of the most established domestic industries in the food sector, which is expanding further both to the EU internal market and in third markets.

“All support to that, and each subsequent business move of Podravka”, said Jakovina answering the questions of journalists on the sidelines of a conference on the companies’ operations in the state portfolio.