Croatia, Government further reduced fuel excise and sales margins

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The Croatian Government said that is further reducing the excise duty and sales margins on fuels in an effort to alleviate the impact of the rise in global oil prices on its citizens and the economy.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said that the government has intervened once again and as long as necessary in these circumstances which are more than unusual, it would use the available mechanisms and intervene in favor of the Croatian citizens and companies.

In March, the Government reduced the excise duties on petrol by 0.053 euros per liter and now it has been cut by a further 0.053 euros. The initial reduction in the price of diesel was 0.026 euros per liter and now it has been reduced by further 0.026 euros.

The Government also reduced, by an additional 0.013 euros, the margin of traders for petrol, diesel and blue diesel (used in agriculture). It also decided to update fuel prices every two weeks rater than every week as it did so far.

As of 1 April, Croatian Government introduced a set of price caps, VAT cuts and subsidies in order to help its citizens and companies tackle soaring energy prices – a package worth an estimated 630 million euros.

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