Croatia: HEP against competitors on power supply market

25. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

HEP OPS is not afraid of competitors in electricity supply market, currently fully liberalized. This power market liberalization instantly brought competitors to state utility supplier HEP

HEP is not basing its future investments on expectations that electricity price will still grow or on asking for price increase because of financing, it is stated from HEP.

HEP stated that they import 20% of electricity averagely and the final goal of investment cycle is imagined in a different way, not with electricity price increase but the base for financing will be operational profit, new obligations and project financing. HEP Supply as a leading Croatian electricity supplier is not afraid of upcoming competition. They have competed on 459 public competitions earlier and made agreements 253,7 million HRK worth.

Source; Serbia Energy SEE desk/HEP

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