Croatia: HEP claims that HPP Ombla construction begins in 4-5 months

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HPP Ombla can work after all no matter that Miniter Zmajlovic said few times that it shouldn’t be constructed- it is said in HEP.

From environment and biodiversity protection’s perspective there are no barriers for beginning of 150 million EUR worth construction.

All technical and environment protection conditions are acquired, as well as economy aspects of the project and according to announcements from Hrvatska Elektroprivreda construction can begin in 4 to 5 months, when all tenders are announced.

Assets for the project are ensured in European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Credit should be returned through 13 years, and first barriers related to environmental protection and terrain biodiversity are removed with making several studies that showed that there is no danger for biodiversity- it is said on press briefing in HEP.

HEP announced additional expert documentation for environmental protection for HPP Ombla project. Documents available for the public are: the plan for biodiversity protection in HPP Ombla region in original text in English (WSP drafter), Plan for direction of biodiversity in HPP Ombla region (unofficial translation in Croatian), the Study of acceptability estimation of HPP Ombla for ecology net (Elektroprojekt), Sector study of influences of HPP Ombla to the bat fauna (Oikon), Sector study of construction influence of HPP Ombla on fish (Hrvatsko ihtiolosko drustvo) and Sector study of HPP Ombla construction influence on cave fauna (Hrvatsko bispeolosko drustvo).

Considering that there was some change in regulative in environmental protection with reference to period when Solution for construction environment acceptability of HPP Ombla was made, HEP repeated research work in HPP Ombla region and agreed making additional regulation with EBRD.  Results of research work were new measures for environmental protection, that are presented to public because of collecting comments and opinions and the information procedure lasts 30 years.

Minister of Environment and Nature Protection, Mihael Zmajlovic, has underlined recently that he believes that project of HPP Ombla construction should not be launched but the final decision will be made by government i.e. investor of Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP), and he believes that when they reconsider all arguments, they won’t insist on investment any more.

“Research work is finished, but it hasn’t been publicly presented so far, but unofficial information shows that there are some endemic species, even severely protected, that will be endangered with this investment. I believe that we shouldn’t launch this project because of its sensibility. The final decision will be made by Government i.e. HEP, HEP is the investor. I believe when they reconsider all these arguments, they won’t insist on investment any more”, Zmajlovic said.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/HEP