Croatia: HEP electricity supply business stable

, SEE Energy News

Croatian public broadcaster HRT has reselected HEP Opskrba, a subsidiary of state-owned power utility HEP, and its brand ZelEn as its electricity supplier. The ZelEn brand supplies certified electricity produced from renewable sources.

HRT is the first among public companies in Croatia that has recognized the value of preserving environment and social responsibility through the use of so-called green electricity, which is reaffirmed with the decision to extend the supply agreement. Besides HRT, over 50 socially responsible companies in Croatia are supplies through HEP Opskrba’s ZelEn brand.

Croatian energy market operator (HROTE), which manages the national system of guarantees of origin of electricity, guarantees that the electricity supplied through ZelEn brand is obtained exclusively from renewable sources. The price of ZelEn is about 0.2 euros/MWh higher than the price of regular electricity, transmits