Croatia: HEP expands its electricity supply business in Serbia

, SEE Energy News

According to the statement from Croatian stateowned power utility HEP, its subsidiary HEP Energija already supplies electricity to one company in Serbia, but soon it will expand the business to public supply for two Serbian cities.

The statement said that HEP Energija supplies electricity to Serbian subsidiary of Slovenian company Cimos, while supply contracts for the two cities – Kraljevo and Valjevo are in the final stage of preparation.

In Slovenia, HEP Energija is supplying ―green‖ energy from renewable sources to the Municipality of Ljubljana, through a contract worth 12 million euros signed in 2016. It also supplies electricity to Koper Port, Slovenian Railways, MOL Slovenia, Cimos, Planica Nordic Sports Center, NLB Bank and aBank and several hotels and theaters in Ljubljana and Maribor. At the end of 2016, HEP Energija held 12.5 % market share in the supply of electricity to business consumers in Slovenia.

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