Croatia: HEP expects obligatory offers from Edison, Kosep and Marubeni for new TPP Plomin C

, SEE Energy News

Qualified bidders can deliver obligatory offers until the end of October 2013.

Croatian power utility holding company HEP prepared complete documentation for bidders which are expected to submit the obligatory offer. HEP pushes forward the process of selection for strategic partner in construction of new TPP Plomin C.

Like it was stated from HEP, qualified bidders are: EDISON (Italy), KOSEP (South Korea) and MARUBENI (Japan). According to the request for offers’ delivery, qualified bidders can deliver obligatory offers until the end of October.

HEP will perform the procedure of choosing the strategic partner according to the International Negotiation Procedure, according to EU Directive for purchase  and evaluation of offers will be done with detailed determination of technical and economy criterions. It is expected from the bidder to deliver offers by the end of October.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/HEP