Croatia: HEP is planning the reconstruction of TPP Plomin 1

, SEE Energy News

State-owned Croatian power utility HEP has significant plans for reconstruction and further operation of coal-fired thermal power plant Plomin 1. After the project for the construction of the third unit – Plomin C failed, HEP turned to modernization of existing facilities.

TPP Plomin 1 was supposed to be decommissioned on 1 January 2018, however, in February 2019 HEP obtained a license for continuing its operation. Under a condition of improving some environmental standards.

However, the investment in the modernization of TPP Plomin 1 will depend on the feasibility study and the project‟s accordance with Croatia‟s lowcarbon energy policy. The modernization envisages the installment of desulfurization facility that would significantly reduce harmful emissions. Similar facility was installed at TPP Plomin 2 during its modernization two years ago.

In any case, the continuation of operation of TPP Plomin 1 would reduce the need for importing electricity, thus contributing to the country selfsufficiency. Also, the modernized unit 1 would be a reliable source of base electricity for the Croatian power system which is a prerequisite for the further development and increase of the use of renewable sources.

TPP Plomin is the only coal-fired power plant in the country, which provides about 7 % of electricity production in Croatia. Unit 1 at TPP Plomin has power output of 115 MW, while unit 2 has power output of 210 MW.