Croatia: HEP lost the first round, GEN-I will supply the whole public administration in Croatia; Profectio Energia and Korlea failed to snatch new clients

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State will save 9 million HRK on electricity for public administration in two years.

Slovenian GEN-I which has entered in segment of households electricity supply in the beginning of the week will supply the whole public administration in Croatia i.e. all ministries and offices. The first man of GEN-I Croatia, Predrag Seatovic confirmed that GEN-I is informed by National Office for Mid Public Supply and that their offer was elected as the most profitable at competition. So, GEN-I should deliver 123 GWH of electricity annually to public administration in the next two years and the price they offered for it will save 9 million to the state in two years. This means that 10% less money will be provided for this purpose. “Winning this competition confirms that we talked couple of days ago- to guarantee lower prices”, Seatovic said.

Competition for electricity supply was announced in the end of April, offers were opened in the beginning of June and appeal period of 15 days is in progress at the moment. If competition does not “fall”, GEN-I will approach signing the contract with everyone from public administration individually. Seatovic says that this company had offered the most profitable price i.e. that it will deliver 100% green energy. Second ranked offer at competition was the one from Profectio Energia and Korlea and the third ranked was the offer from HEP Supply that 10% higher price than GEN-I. Seatovic answered the question how winning this competition will reflect Croatian market that GEN-I’s participation at the whole Croatian market will be increased from 1,5% to 2% and if we consider only segment of business users of GEN-I the grow will continue to 3,6%.

Source;Croatia regulator/Serbia Energy See desk