Croatia: HEP plans to invest 500 million euros in HPP Kosinj-Senj project

, SEE Energy News

Croatian state-owned power utility HEP is planning to invest 500 million euros in the second stage of the Senj hydropower system.

The public hearing on the first stage of the project, the Kosinj hydropower system, has already been carried out, while the public hearing on the second stage is currently ongoing. Namely, the second stage of the project will include the construction of hydropower plant Senj 2, worth some 245 million euros, in the next six years. By completing both stages of the project, HEP would produce an additional 330 GWh of electricity per year, which is more than the annual consumption of the entire Lika-Senj county.

In August 2014, HEP published the invitation regarding expressions of interest for the strategic partnership in the development of the hydropower plant project Kosinj-Senj. The project implies the construction of two new accumulation lakes and two new HPPs, with 30 MW and 350 MW output. The future hydropower complex Kosinj-Senj should produce the electricity during peak hours. In this moment, HPP Senj has been producing some 1 TWh of electricity per year, while the power output of the future hydropower complex should be 30 % higher.

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