Croatia: HEP power utility company represented Ecology Study of HPP Ombla

8. April 2013. / SEE Energy News

Experts believe that all negative consequences of HPP Ombla construction will be compensated with construction of new habitats.

Croatian Power Utility and International Consultant from companies WSP and Black&Veatch held the public representation of Biodiversity Managing Plan for HPP Ombla and estimation of operation acceptability for ecological network. Representation began with presentation of obligations and representatives of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The HEP Administration member Rodoljub Lalic represented main reasons for HPP Ombla construction and HPP Ombla’s benefits.

“14 of 36 endemic species found in Croatia, 14 of them are found on Ombla location. Construction of HPP Ombla will sink 15m of the cave passage. We can make new galleries and same climatic conditions for cave fauna in order to protect it. Artificial caves will harmonize the habitat change and entrance of people, and mechanization in these caves will be controlled  because of consequences on fauna that should be minimal”, Matthew Clegg said from the consultant factory “WSP” and HEP’s ecology expert, Drazen Lovric, said that HPP will sunk 800m of the cave and habitat, and therefore the influence will be compensated with construction of two tunnels that will be 2400m long and he added that HPP won’t influence the habitats in Vilina spilja at all, Dubrovacki vjesnik reports.

Durbovnik’s Mayor, Andro Vlahusic, declared that Dubrovnik will support construction of HPP Ombla if studies show that the project is acceptable from the point of environment protection. He added: “This project enables Dubrovnik and Dubrovacka Zupa to become one of the biggest renewable energy sources production centers in Croatia that enables CO2 emissions’ decrease”. He warned that Dubrovnik has a problem with drinking water and this project can help drinking water supply.” Presentation for Dubrovnik’s population is being continued with business meeting with representatives of associations from Dubrovnik area that are interested in the questions for environmental protection. It will be held for citizens today at 17 o’clock.

Source;Serbia Energy SEE desk/HEP/Agencies

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