Croatia: HEP power utility HPP Zakucac halts production

, SEE Energy News

Electricity production at the largest Croatian hydropower plant Zakucac on Cetina river near Omis has been stopped for at least a week due to an incident.

According to Croatian power utility HEP, which operates the plant, the incident occurred during the discharge of the pressurized pipeline when water flooded the turbine floor of the engine room. The damaged pipeline has been repaired immediately, however it is expected that material damages will be substantial.

HPP Zakucac is the largest power plant in Croatia with 486 MW of installed capacity and average annual production of 1,458 GWh or about a third of HEP’s total electricity production. The reconstruction of the plant’s unit 1 has been completed in 2013, in May 2014 unit 2 has been revitalized, while the reconstruction of unit 3 finished in mid- 2015. Revitalization of the remaining unit 4 is also planned.

According to HEP, there will be no problems with the supply of electricity to customers since the company provided sufficient amounts of electricity through increased production and purchases on the market, transmits

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