Croatia: HEP power utility owned TPP Plomin 2016 results

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The swan song  of TPP Plomin 1, one year ahead of the planned shutdown of the plant which has been operating for 45 years.

Both units of TPP Plomin produced in 2016 a total of 2,357,523 MWh of electricity, which is a record production at the site since the commissioning of Plomin 1 and 2, reported HEP few days ago. TPP Plomin 1 produced 818,335 MWh with 7,873 hours on the grid, which is 6% more than planned and it is a record production of the power plant first unit in 45 years, since its operation. TPP Plomin 2 has produced 1,539,188 MWh with 8,235 hours on the grid, which is 2% higher production than planned.

Mihajlo Mirkovic, power plant General Manager said for the Radio Labin at the end of the year that 2016 was a great year, especially for unit 1, which broke production records, and with a joint production of both units, it will be a record production in 2016. TPP Plomin 1 owns a production license by the end of 2018 because it is limited by environmental permit which will expire. “We find it hard to say goodbye to such a good producer and a lot should be invested, because there is no desulfurization system within the power plant. Originally, it was planned that TPP Plomin 1 be in operation up to the commissioning of unit C which was not constructed,” said Mihajlovic, adding that he will comply with the decisions of the Board, which will make decisions on TPP Plomin 1 this year. Even 80% of the company investments that take care of the thermal power plants is directly or indirectly invested in projects that affect the quality of the environment.

The investment in DeNOx plant has been initiated in October, and in 2017 the new plant will be connected to the unit within the overhaul and shutdown of TPP Plomin 2. In addition, about EUR 463000 has been invested in noise protection. The current coal prices are still relatively low, and the production price from Plomin power plants is extremely competitive and amounts around 20 euros/MWh, as we unofficially found out. Therefore, the competitive production price is even more important for HEP, which is also a large importer of electricity, because the current prices on the spot market are currently very high. The price for baseload on HUPEX amounts to 97 eur/MWh, while the price for peak load rises to 126 eur/MWh.