Croatia: HEP prepares for modernization of TPP Rijeka, environmental improvements projects

27. August 2013. / SEE Energy News

Performance Study will reconsider all variants of TPP “Rijeka” modernization.

HEP will announce a tender for making Performance Study for Modernization of TPP Rijeka on Urinje.

This study should be over by the mid of next year and all variants of solution to the set project task should be valued. Croatia needs to harmonize emissions from high fireboxes with EU directive by the beginning of 2018 or these objects will stop working. Blocks K and L in TE-TO Zagreb are satisfying all requests and other facilities should harmonize with EU requests.

General measure of harmonization for elder facilities that are using fuel oil will be transfer to the natural gas as general energy and use of fuel oil with less than 1% of sulfur from 1 January 2015 and facilities will be able to satisfy emissions of pollutant connections only in usage of fuel oil with less than 0,23% sulfur.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/HEP

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