Croatia: HEP Supply beats Gen-I and Proenergy for contract for electricity supply the capital Zagreb

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At the official opening of the bids for the supply of electricity to the City of Zagreb HEP supply gave the best offer in competition with Gen-I, Petrol and Proenergy. After making the decision on selection and signing a supply contract, HEP’s company will supply the entire Zagreb Holding, the city’s kindergartens, schools, hospitals, museums, other institutions and companies owned by the city for the next two years.

The estimated purchase value is greater than 40, 7 MEUR with an annual consumption of 255 million kWh. In the competition two years ago, the purchase value was lower, and due to the good experience the city decided to seek a greater electricity amount at the public tender this year. HEP supply has recently gave the best deal in the public bidding for the supply of Split, and it already supplies Osijek, Zagreb, Vukovar and many others.

“Winning major contracts on public tenders are testament of our competitiveness and high quality of service that customers recognize in spite of loud competition advertising. To illustrate the market position of HEP Supply it is sufficient to say that all customers of alternative suppliers together consume less energy than our two great buyers – City of Zagreb and Concern Agrokor”, said Tina Jakasa, director of the HEP Supply.

Significant part of the city electricity supply also has the Slovenian Gen-I, which has provided electricity for public lighting in the city for three years. It was the first major work that a Slovenian company got in Croatia. The city saves significant money by this contract. The kWh price for street lighting under contract was 52.5 cents per kWh in 2012th, and by continuous decline it dropped this year to 36 cents per kWh. Such savings can thank to a contract by which the electricity price is changed every hour, and it is linked to the price on the electricity exchange EEX in Leipzig, we found out in the city.

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