Croatia, HEP will have to pay 4.3 million euros for the use of water from the Busko lake

, SEE Energy News

According to new legislation adopted by the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), Croatian power utility HEP will have to pay 4.3 million euros to Tomislavgrad and Livno municipalities for the use of water from the Busko lake, instead of 1.8 million euros it used to pay before.

The current legislation prescribe allocations to municipalities that are exclusively related to the amount of electricity produced or water used, while the most important factor, flooded land, is not valued at all, which has now been corrected. This particularly affects the two municipalities, were the facilities of HEP’s hydropower plant Orlovac are located.

In this case, with the construction of dams and embankments for HPP Orlovac, huge arable land of Livanjsko polje and Bsuso blato were transformed into Busko accumulation and the compensation pool Lipa. Water from these reservoirs are used for electricity generation in HPP Orlovac, located in Croatia.

The special feature of HPP Orlovac, in relation to other hydropower plants in FBiH, is the small production of electricity in relation to the area occupied by hydro accumulation.