Croatia: HEP’s interests and resources need to be protected against the energy trading lobbies

13. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

TPP Plomin C and HPP Ombla have been topical subjects for a long time. Of course, investment interests need to be in synergy with the highest standards of environmental protection, but the good part of population is not aware of the point of these investments which is in one of the biggest Croatian companies that employs more than 13,5 thousands of people, especially in protection of national resources.

Question is simple: Who will win in the competition for use of available energy sources and who will manage them? We protect not only national energy independancy (what enables industrial and economy competitiveness) but also energy domination in our ownership with protection of TPP Plomin, HPP Ombla, Sava’s and Drava’s HPPs and other companies in integration of the biggest Croatian electricity company which is still 100% owned  by Croatia, so we provide valuable heritage to future generations. If HEP fails to maintain its national position energy traders will take over and gain benefits. Medias seem to work together with NGOs on damaging the image of HEP and halting so far all new power generation projects.

We have to confess that this rebellion is little overreacted because we all want our light to shine at the end. It doesn’t matter who is the president of the board and eventual question of environmental protection. Because, who will worry for it if energy is available every day?

Source; Serbia Energy/HEP syndicate union release

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