Croatia: HPP Senj 2 tender

, SEE Energy News

The tender for the development of the main project for HPP Senj 2, whose estimated value is 8.9 million euros, envisages the development of the main project and all other documentation for obtaining building permits for the construction of a new hydropower plant. The estimated time for the completion of the main design is 24 months.

Croatian state-owned power utility HEP published two tenders related to the largest hydro project in Croatia in the past three decades – the Kosinj-Senj hydropower system.

The two tenders address the development of the main project for hydropower plant Senj 2 and the construction of a tunnel and channel Bakovac-Lika.

The construction of HPP Senj 2 will include the following buildings: compensation pool Gusic Polje 2, supply tunnel and pressure pipeline Gusic Polje 2 – HPP Senj 2 and the power plant itself with drainage tunnel and discharge into the sea.

Last year, the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Energy said that the project for Kosinj accumulation with hydropower plant Kosinj and related facilities is fully acceptable in regard to the environment and eco networks. HEP said that it will start the activities for the preparation of the Kosinj project, which includes the construction of an accumulation with three dams, the construction of HPP Kosinj and the reconstruction of the existing HPP Sklope. Preparatory works, such as the construction of access roads, started in the second half of 2019. HEP is planning to invest 500 million euros in Senj-Kosinj hydropower system, adding that the construction of HPP Senj 2 should start two years after the HPP Kosinj project. HPP Kosinj will have two units (11.5 MW and 22 MW) and will produce 250 GWh of electricity per year. The construction is expected to cost 185 million euros and would last for 56 months (five construction seasons). The second phase of the project envisages the construction of 350 MW HPP Senj 2.