Croatia HPPs prepared for water wate increase, accumulations prepared

, SEE Energy News

Preventive emptying of accumulation in Sabljaci, Bukovnik and Lešće to allowed minimal levels was announced in HEP Croatian energy company, with reference to weather forecast that announced ice melting with rain in order to accept predicted water wave.

Maximal inflow of Zagorska Mrežnica (80m3/s) was accomplished on 21 January, and Gornje Dobre (178m3/s) .

HPP Gojak and HPP Lešće are working with maximal power the whole time i.e. with 56m3/s flow through HPP Gojak and 120m3/s through Lešće. Overflow from Saljaci accumulation have flooded some lower areas in Ostarije, parts of state road D42 (Ogulin-Ostarije-Josipdol), and overflow water from Bukovnik accumulation flooded parts of Ogulin town and roadway D42 Ogulin-Vrbovsko. Maximal allowed levels with extra inflow of 30-40 m3/s that evacuates over overflowing machines on Lešće damn were accomplished also.

Inflows from Zagorska Mrežnica and Gornje Dobre have falling trend so overflowing amounts of water decreases. HPP Ozalj works on maximal capacity and height of overflow water from Kupa in Ozalj basin are in decrease, it was concluded in statement.

source Serbia Energy Magazine