Croatia, INA will sell their premium fuels only until stocks last

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Croatian oil company INA said in a press release that will sell their premium fuels only until stocks last, after which they will no longer be offered due to the negative impact on the company’s business.

The statement from the company said that after the Government’s decision on determining the maximum retail prices of petroleum products, INA will sell its premium fuels on the petrol stations throughout the country only until stocks last.

Namely, due to the provisions prescribed by the Government that cause a significant negative impact on the company’s operations, especially in relation to premium fuels, INA will not be able to continuously supply petrol stations with premium fuels. However, the supply of regular fuels is stable and will continue as usual.

Earlier this week, the Croatian Government introduced a cap on the retail prices of petrol and diesel for the next 30 days in order to mitigate the impact of the recent rise in fuel prices on international markets on the country’s economy. According to the decision, the maximum retail price of petrol is capped at 1.48 euros per liter, while the maximum price of diesel is limited at 1.46 euros.